Fifth International Workshop on
Testing Database Systems

Co-located with ACM SIGMOD 2012

Motivation and Scope

The functionality provided by modern data management systems is continuously expanding. New applications and usage patterns, the evolution of the underlying hardware and software infrastructure, and increased competition drive continuous innovation and expansion of these systems. As a result, it has become increasingly expensive to test and tune them, and these stages tend to dominate the release cycle. It is not unusual to find that fifty percent of the development cost derives from testing and tuning, and that several months are needed for testing before a new release can be shipped. This situation will only get worse unless new ideas can be brought to bear.

There is significant interest in testing database systems and applications within both the database and the software engineering communities. The goal of DBTest 2012 is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to discuss key problems and ideas related to testing database systems and applications. We expect that this collaboration will facilitate the creation of research agendas and new techniques to address testing problems for database systems and database applications. The long-term objective of such work is to reduce the cost and time required to test and tune database products so that users and vendors can spend more time and energy on actual innovations.

DBTest 2012 will feature a keynote presentation from Oege de Moor.

Topics of Interest

  • Testing issues in multi-tenant databases and cloud databases
  • Testing techniques for data stream management systems
  • Testing issues in distributed data processing frameworks (e.g., Hadoop)
  • Testing techniques for database systems, data storage services, and database applications
  • Generation of test artifacts (e.g., test databases, test queries)
  • Interactions between testing and tuning of database systems
  • Maximizing code coverage of database systems/applications
  • Testing the reliability and availability of database systems
  • Improving the usability of database systems
  • Testing and designing systems that are robust to estimation inaccuracies
  • Testing the ef´Čüciency of adaptive policies and components
  • Identifying performance bottlenecks
  • Robust query processing
  • Metrics for predictability of query and workload performance
  • Security and vulnerability testing
  • War stories and vision papers

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